Our Mission

Our Mission

The mission of the Mercer County Prosecutor’s Office is to preserve and enhance the quality of life of Mercer County residents by fostering an environment of law abidingness, safety and security. To that end, this Office is dedicated to the pursuit and attainment of justice.

To accomplish this mission, the following goals have been adopted to provide a framework for success:

1. To use reasonable and lawful diligence to successfully detect, investigate and prosecute criminal offenses within Mercer County;

2. To lawfully and aggressively pursue a coordinated, effective and all-encompassing proactive stance in narcotics enforcement;

3. To staunchly defend the rights of crime victims and to accord them the highest level of dignity, respect and sensitivity;

4.  To fulfill a law enforcement leadership role by:

A. Assisting and working cooperatively with police and all law enforcement agencies;

B.  Ensuring law enforcement compliance with Constitutional safeguards, state and federal laws, directives and regulations;

C.  Identifying law enforcement needs, striving to meet those needs and establishing new and relevant initiatives;

D. Providing law enforcement with guidance, training and continuing legal education;

5.  To elevate public confidence in the criminal justice system by promoting public awareness regarding the role of law enforcement, crime prevention, public safety and victims’ rights through relevant educational, community outreach and public  information programs and policies; and

6. To take a community leadership role by forming partnerships with schools, community groups, public officials and business leaders to spearhead coordinated efforts to eliminate conditions that precipitate crime and to reduce the incidence of crime.

Each and every member of the Office of the Mercer County Prosecutor enthusiastically pledges their collective talents, training, energy and commitment to this ongoing mission and its corresponding goals.