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Trial Section

Trial Section

The Trial Section is primarily responsible for litigating the majority of criminal prosecutions which occur in Mercer County Superior Court. The four trial teams that comprise the Trial Section are responsible for post-indictment arraignments, post-indictment bail hearings, pre-trial investigations, trial preparation, pre-trial conferences, motions, plea negotiations, trials, sentencings and various post-conviction relief motions.

After indictment, each case is assigned to a judge and his/her particular trial team. Assistant prosecutors assigned to the Trial Section resolve thousands of cases by negotiated pleas annually. A sergeant supervises the investigators assigned to the four trial teams to assure cases have been properly investigated and are prepared for trial. Aggressive attention is paid to the high volume of cases resulting in a reduction in the time between indictment and trial and, equally as important, between a defendant’s rejection of a plea offer and trial.

Please refer to the section on Victim Witness Advocacy for more information regarding services available to victims and witnesses involved in trial cases.