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Training Unit

Training Unit

The Training Unit was established in order to create a comprehensive training program focused on maximizing the skills of our investigative staff through a variety of in-house and off-site specialized training courses. In 2001, this philosophy expanded to include the legal, professional and support staffs. The unit works continuously at identifying particular training needs and then developing and executing a diverse curriculum that meets these requirements.

Numerous seminars are offered to law enforcement agencies both inside and outside of Mercer County. Several members of our staff instruct at the Mercer County Police Academy, the New Jersey State Police Academy and the New Jersey Division of Criminal Justice Academy.

The unit also acts as the liaison between the Prosecutor’s Office and the Mercer County Police Academy, and coordinates the academy’s in-service and basic recruit training programs.

The unit maintains a comprehensive database of training records for the entire office and is responsible for coordinating staff attendance at various training courses, seminars and conferences throughout the country. In addition, the unit assists federal, state, county and municipal agencies in arranging various meetings, seminars and training conferences.

The Training Unit also manages the Virtual Online Training Academy for all Mercer County law enforcement agencies. This web-based training program allows officers and civilian police dispatchers access to a variety of online courses.

The New Jersey Police Training Commission requires sworn personnel to receive specific agency training prior to attending the state Division of Criminal Justice Academy. The unit coordinates and conducts this training along with the office orientation for new county investigators after they graduate from the academy. Additional mandated training for investigative personnel is also coordinated and conducted by the unit.

Twice each year, the unit conducts mandated firearms training for members of the office. The unit is responsible for all Firearms Range operations including range maintenance, in-service firearms qualifications and scheduling.

The Training Unit continues to sponsor Family/Spouse Night at the Mercer County Police Academy. This seminar is designed for family members of graduating trainees and deals with marital and family issues specific to law enforcement personnel.